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Testimonies from people who have taken WARDA Women Against Rape & Domestic Abuse (R) workshops and Certification courses.


Lt. Robert H. Black. Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

While knowledge and skill are essential elements of any preparation for effective defense of self, neither can be utilized in the absence of a strong will to succeed.


There continue to be numerous programs dedicated to providing women with necessary tools to defend against violent assaults, but not all provide sufficient emphasis on the importance of a dedicated and fierce attack.


The W.A.R.D.A. program as presented by Grandmaster Javed Khan stresses this mindset and puts into context the reality of violent encounters. “Will” simply means to wish, to choose, to desire; to give up oneself to a purpose.


Grandmaster Khan delivers the message to attendees that their effectiveness in a moment of crisis is largely dependent on their determination against all odds to incapacitate an attacker by whatever means necessary to escape, and that half-way or “half-hearted” efforts are likely doomed to failure. It is made clear up front to W.A.R.D.A. attendees that they will be responsible for their own destiny, and their preparation must address these types of situations in a realistic way.


It is obvious that as participants in the physical training begin to understand that what goes on in their heads will determine the effectiveness of their physical actions, the commitment, energy, and ferocity of their techniques is markedly elevated. For women seriously seeking a solid foundation upon which to develop self defense capabilities, the W.A.R.D.A. program is a valuable experience.


Lt. Robert H. Black, Master Instructor

Lieutenant Black is currently the Director of Physical Tactics, OIC of the Physical Fitness Assessments, a CIAR certified personal trainer, and certified fitness specialist from several different organizations. Lieutenant Black continues to provide specialized training to private and public sector organizations, universities, law enforcement and the military in the areas of physical tactics, firearms and physical fitness.

Lieutenant Black has studied several types of martial arts for over three (3) decades, holding various ranks up to Yondan in Isshinryu Karate do, A black belt in Taekwondo as well as fifteen (15) different instructor certifications in the law enforcement use of force arena.


Capt. Anthony Gregory. Marion County Sheriff's Office.


On July 23-24, 2014, I had the privilege and pleasure of participating in Master Javed Khan’s first United States Instructor class for his Women Against Rape and Domestic Violence (W.A.R.D.A) program.

I have been involved in Martial Arts for the last 51 years, since age 13, and currently hold 67 instructor certificates in areas of use-of-force, personal defense, and use-of-weapons. So I bring a healthy and robust skepticism to the subject, since so very much of what is taught as “self defense” in the gym or dojo is utterly impractical and ineffective when confronted with the reality of explosive and vicious violence. Other techniques that might actually be effective require far too much training, repetition, and martial arts expertise to be useful in the real world to the great majority of people.


Bringing this skeptical perspective to the training, I have to say that I was not prepared for how realistic, down-to-earth, practical, and effective this class was. The information, techniques, and principles that Master Khan taught were some of the best considered I have ever encountered. This class was extremely valuable, and not just where women defending themselves against the predations of violent males is concerned. I will take several of the techniques and principles I learned back into my training of law enforcement officers.


I have been training intensively in the field of personal safety and defense for several decades now. And I have to say that the two days I spent in this class we among the best investments I have ever made.



Captain Anthony M. Gregory
Marion County Sheriff’s Office


Lt. Nick Pollaro.Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.


“You are responsible for your own personal safety”, the statement that WARDA emphasizes. Grandmaster Javed Khan takes a “no nonsense approach” when instructing the two day instructor course. This program also covers a violence concept, not only what a victim may encounter but also turning the tables on an attacker through violent resistance and attack.


Grandmaster Khan pulls no punches in this program, he covers the violence of rape and domestic abuse and makes it clear that one has to fight and fight hard to escape and evade. He makes one understand that it is up to the individual, they are ultimately responsible for their own safety, no one else.


Lt.Pollaro is a D.T. Instructor with the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an instructor in Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts. Lt.Pollaro still actively competes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.


Cpl. Craig Hughes. Hendricks County Sheriff's Department. Indiana.


The WARDA program is a realistic program that forces us all to look at the harsh reality and dangers. WARDA program stresses mental, situational and self awareness. Awareness sometimes gets lost in many programs. This program is about reality, it's about violence and preparing yourself.

The program starts with “You are responsible for your own personal safety"! The program has techniques for women that are obtainable and effective. The techniques are not fighting arts moves that will take thousands of hours to master but effective techniques to escape and evade.


Grandmaster Khan brings the honest truth of violent encounters. He puts it on the table for us, to know what really needs to be dealt with in those situations. As an instructor, he gives me the format to provide the program and offers any type of assistance.

Thank you,

Craig Hughes
Hendricks County Sheriff's Dept
Corporal Enforcement Division
Physical Tactics Instructor


Lt. Craig Whited. Marian University Police


I have been certified as a women’s self-defense instructor in a different system and have seen other self-defense systems taught by others where I seriously questioned its effectiveness. Many of these self-defense systems seem to be taught by instructors who have clearly never been in a true confrontation and taught unrealistic techniques; techniques that only work if the ‘bad guy just stands there and is not giving true aggression.’ Many of these self-defense systems being taught do not take in account the true nature of an assault: the viciousness, the suddenness, and the shock; and teaches their students techniques that may only get them injured further.


WARDA on the other hand, exposes its students to the true nature of how brutal and sudden these assaults can be, teaches its students to use deception when possible, and not only teaches devastating and realistic strikes, but also incorporates every day self-defense weapons into its training. WARDA thinks ‘outside of the box’ and steers clear of the typical self-defense system that limits how a female can defend herself. I definitely recommend this course to any female who wants to take her safety and her ability to defend herself seriously.


Thank You,
Craig Whited
Lieutenant Detective Craig Whited
Marian University Police Department
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46222


Ryan Adamson Terre Haute Police Department


I have been through many classes throughout my career as a police officer. WARDA is a “real” class that puts things into “real” perspectives. Times are changing so the way we teach defense needs to change also. Javed Khan does a great job of making these changes and bringing them to the table for everyone to see. I am married and have two young daughters. My wife and daughters will be better prepared to face the evil in the world because of this class. Remember “you are responsible for your own safety.”


Ryan Adamson
Terre Haute Police Department
K9 Handler
SRT Sniper
Physical Tactics Instructor


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Samantha Jones, Project Manager​

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